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    Advertising: Publipan.

    Advertising: Publipan.


    BRAND: Publipan

    SECTOR: Publicity

    COUNTRY: Spain

    INVESTMENT: 11.000€

    FEE: 7.200€

    AMORTIZATION: 12 months


    CONTACT: Form

    Forme parte de nuestra familia y aproveche todas las ventajas.

    Publipan® has been developed as a model of sustainable and beneficial to those who exploit business. A brilliant idea that combines environmental protection and highly profitable lifestyle.

    The expansion of Publipan® worldwide is moving fast. The main cause are the advantages of this business:

    • low investment and quick recovery.
    • No need fisical space.
    • High income.
    • Movement continued market
    • Scalability of the business.
    • Sales synergies between franchisees.
    • Continued support from Central.

    Publipan is the paper bag where bread is served

    It works taking advantage of the blank space in the paper bags, that the bakery usually use to serve such a basic product as the bread to their costumers. This space will be used as a new ad media to promote products and services. Publipan® is the most direct, nonintrusive and effective media on the market, been at the same time ecologic and environment friendly.

    Free paper bags for bakers

    Our franchise network work as a sale agents, offering to any business the chance to be printed on a paper bag for the bread. This special printed bag is free delivered to all the bakeries of the contracted zones. Bakers use these bags and serve the bread with it to every consumer.

    We guarantee an effective campaign