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    Technology: Infotactile.

    Technology: Infotactile.


    BRAND: Infotactile 

    SECTOR: Technology

    COUNTRY: Spain

    INVESTMENT: 36.000€

    FEE: 7.200€

    AMORTIZATION: 15 months


    CONTACT: Form

    Infotactile®is the perfect place to CONNECT the information needs of the user with products and services offered by businesses and shops in the area.

    Infotactile® keys

    • Is a TOUCH device.
    • The information is presented in an AUDIOVISUAL format.
    •  All the information is offered in DIFFERENT LANGUAGES.
    • It is located in the place where the traveller demands this information: AT THE RECEPTIONS OF THE BEST HOTELS.
    • The advertising is showed interestingly for users, as if it was a RECOMMENDATION.
    •  It includes TOURIST INFORMATION of the area, attracting the user to consult the contents of the device.
    • ALL THE SERVICES of the area in a single space.
    •  INFORMATION ABOUT THE HOTEL where you are staying.
    •  Adapted for MOBILE DEVICES.
    • SALE OF TICKETS AND RESERVATIONS management, directly on the device.

    INFOTACTILE® grants licence exclusively for the exploitation of this new advertising device.

    The work of our distributors is PURELY COMMERCIAL and consists of the acquisition and care of clients into Infotactile® devices.

    Infotactile® trains to all its distributors in:

    COMMERCIAL ORIENTATION: to know customers and understand their needs.

    SALES SKILLS: agility to adapt to changes and anticipate to the demand.

    MARKETING POINT OF VIEW: basics of direct marketing, customer loyalty, etc.

    To do so, it puts at your disposal the necessary tools:

    • Web page.
    • Management program.
    • Own  intranet.
    • Design department to your service.
    • Technical and maintenance department.
    • Training course.
    • Support in starting up the business.
    • Service telephone.
    • Promotional materials.