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    Energy: Fastfuel.

    Energy: Fastfuel.


    BRAND: Fastfuel

    SECTOR: Energy

    COUNTRY: Spain

    INVESTMENT: 150.000€

    FEE: 15.000€

    AMORTIZATION: 25 months


    CONTACT: Form

    FAST FUEL looking for franchisees who are in the field of service stations profitable model and simple business. A business, minimizing investment and monthly costs, allows us to lower the price of fuel and thus increase sales and profitability.

    FAST FUEL is a low cost franchise gas stations, creating a new concept of gas station created with the aim of offering the best prices in the market, in the current context of loss of purchasing power of citizens.


    A model gas station “low cost” which is characterized by offering the best price and the highest quality fuel and with the best conditions for investment levels for its franchisees, allowing our franchisees to position itself in a privileged position within the sector, by reducing costs and hence the drop in the price of fuel, which will increase sales and therefore profitability.

    This is achieved through a business model that uses developed and cutting-edge management systems, reporting and telematics and also minimizes costs structure, with a model gas station self-service and through the major agreements reached since the middle with the best professionals and brands.